Anjole Levaron
“North and South”

J Serra Elementary, San Francisco
BACR After School Program
Published April 13, 2016 on | Produced by Kevin Vance

North and South
By Anjole Levaron

Pain and Love is where I come from
Boom Boom my heart starts racing 
My sister asking what is that
then Silence after that
Seeing homeless asking for money for food
Looking back at the floor with 
A sign
with nothing in my hands
To give them
On the south people starving
North people are having a feast
I am in my room crying on my  Pillow
asking for help
I cry wishing I had the person to tuck me In at night
hoping I had a house not an apartment
Wishing and hoping I had Chanel 
licking me in the morning 
wagging her tail
These are my feelings 
This is my life

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