Eriberto Jimenez
My Side”

Marshall Elementary, San Francisco
Mission Graduates After School Program
Published April 13, 2017 on | Produced by Matt Martin

My Side
By Eriberto Jimenez

I am from the crowd
Where people are fearless
Where our technology is infinite
I am from the place where your dreams become reality
I am from where your fear becomes your courage
Where your hatred becomes your love
And where your sadness becomes your happiness
I am from the city where walls are built, we build bridges
I am from the city known for its lights
I am from the city known for its bridge
I am
I am
From that Michelle’s ice cream
Running down my chin
I am from the city of San Francisco
Where if we have pain or fear we face it together
And where my run of life began and where I will always call my home

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