Izabella Arriaza
“My Place Now”

J Serra Elementary, San Francisco
BACR After School Program
Published April 27, 2017 on KALW.org | Produced by Matt Martin

My Place Now
By Izabella Arriaza

My place now is a sad bubble that I fill with tears.
That blue dripping on my cheek.
But the opposite is nothing like it.
When I’m happy I think of good memories
The color yellow reminds me of the whole family playing with my dog
My place now, a year ago, me saying,
My poem at the poetry slam
Me being nervous
Made me feel as if someone stabbed me with a knife
Gray reminds me of that
My place now is me being mad because I can’t get on rides
That red is still in there
My place now is complete
That warm hug reminds me of love
That is the only strong color in this poem
That place now
Is in the past
The future is now

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