Jhonny Rodriguez
“Rock Climber”

Marshall Elementary, San Francisco
Mission Graduates After School Program
Published April 2, 2018 on KALW.org | Produced by Kevin Vance

Rock Climber
By Jhonny Rodriguez

I used to rely on the hardness and the safety it gave me until, it disappeared.
Now, I rely on my fingers who keep me safe and stable.
One slip and I fall to my doom.
Deep down inside I am scared, but on the out I try my best to show my bravery.
I continue to climb this endless mountain
my foot slips
my fingers weaken
they are my only hope
my fingers start to slip
I swing my foot in one last desperate attempt of survival
it’s not enough.
Fear grips my heart
I fall
I snap out of it with the instructor calling my name
“Jhonny are you ready for the mountain climb?”

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