Pauline Barrera

Moscone Elementary, San Francisco
CYC After School Program
Published April 21, 2017 on | Produced by Matt Martin

By Pauline Barrera

He’s fat and adorable.
His smile makes the whole world better.
He’s my biggest fan.
He claps when I sing to him and stares at me when he hears my voice.
Even on my worst days.
“Oh man, BYE BYE stress!”
He makes me relaxed…
Oh my little Emmanuel, I LOVE YOU.
Life has been sad but it’s not with Emmanuel,
Even with that crazy blonde man says he’ll send all my people away!
I feel sad when I hear him but when I see Emmanuel,
I go back to my old self.
Soccer, SCORES…
I want to do my best.
Emmanuel will hear all my stories in one day.
And he will be great too.
I love my life.
I love my baby.
My life wouldn’t be the same without my dear Emmanuel.

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