Russa Bassine
“Set In Motion”

Garfield Elementary, San Francisco
CYC After School Program
Published April 11, 2019 on | Produced by Kevin Vance

Set In Motion
By Russa Bassine

Into the woods to help a friend in need.
Free-spirited, what’s selflessness, self-improvement.
A joke story reveals itself the showcase for self-centeredness.
Boring lacks adventure
Freeloading makes lives extreme, but empathy will take you further.
Your goal? Shed personality to teach grace, set plans in motion.
It requires questions that force a self-aware identity.
Eight years of crazy antics, the stars show how YOU had trouble.
Put that behind you.
Simple solutions don’t exist, only intelligent ones.
It is time to start the continuous journey that will eventually become A LEGEND…  

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