Oscar Martinez
“The Right Words To Say I Love You”

ER Taylor Elementary, San Francisco
BACR After School Program
Published April 6, 2015 on KALW.org | Produced by Kevin Vance

The Right Words to Say I Love You
By Oscar Martinez

Too many words just to say
Three simple words.
It takes time
And faith.
Mom when I see you
I just can’t wait to say it.
You make me go to heaven,
I dance in the clouds all day long.

You make my day and turn
My frown upside down.
You have showed me everything I know
just like a teacher.
Every time I see you
Make my heart come out of my chest.
This means that you’re the best.

When I feel lonely I’m actually not!
I’ll always have you on my side
on any day in anyway.
You’re my everything.
You always support me in everything I do
especially with soccer.
But in other words,
I’m just saying I love you.

And I’ll always love you
until The end of the world!
And I’ll always think of you everyday
and in my heart
And in my mind you’ll stay.
And this is true,
Especially when I’m with you!

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