Xelin N.
“I Am Legend”

Redding Elementary, San Francisco
CYC After School Program
Published April 14, 2020 on KALW.org | Produced by Kevin Vance

I Am Legend
By Xelin N.

I am a skateboard queen.
I have no fear of pain.
It lives in my breath and skates all around my pumping heart.
Spinning through my mind riding out to the ramps of life.
I can see skateboards swirling around my vision.
Taste the sandpaper curling on my sweaty fingertips.
Feel the smooth ground coursing up my legs.
I can smell the wheels gliding down the ramps, reeking of burnt dirt.
Hear the cry of the boards as I glide down the hill.
I have no fear of pain.
I am a skateboard queen.
I am Xelin Nounou.

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