Ramona Gonzales

Moscone Elementary, San Francisco
CYC After School Program
Published April 29, 2019 on KALW.org | Produced by Kevin Vance

By Ramona Gonzales

Golazo, Golazo, I hear them say
My Papi screams “Golazo” 
as the ball swings into the net
Golazo, Golazo
They cheer all the time
hands clapping
My friends are excited
screaming and shouting
Golazo, Golazo
My Grandma celebrates
as she pulls a bath for me
as if I won on the battlefield
a long day of fighting
my body needs to rest
Golazo, Golazo
My team chants
as a phoenix
raises from the ashes
Call Me Golazo

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