Ryan Ham
“Twitter Halls”

Moscone Elementary, San Francisco
CYC After School Program
Published April 25, 2019 on KALW.org | Produced by Kevin Vance

“Twitter Halls”
By Ryan Ham

It tasted like poems,
the ones you process at night as the sounds of the city jungle put you to sleep.
It smelled like food, the food you feast for the king’s ball.
It felt like glory,
like winning the battle with Instagram and Facebook.
It looked like a contest, where the winner takes it all.
I heard laughter, clinking and twitter fingers.
Faces filled the room,
old ones and young ones,
voices started to fade like the wind passing through the fields.
My heart jumped and my teeth moved
My hands shook and my brain jumbled.
My mouth smiled and the words came out.
They flowed out like lava from a Burmese volcano.
All eyes on me.
Like the star of the show.
I could feel letters forming into words.
The words forming into sentences.
Flowing in the air
filling minds and exploding hearts.

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